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What Makes Sober Dating Different?

At sober dating you will find a community made up of people with one thing in common: We are empowered and enriched by a life free from drugs and alcohol. But we are not defined by what we don’t do or by what our life is lived without; but rather how our life has been filled with so much more- light and acceptance, clarity and spirituality, sobriety and love.

How Sober Dating Works

Find Love. One Date at a Time. 

At Sober Dating we take the guesswork out of connecting with potential matches committed to a sober life. Here, we filter your matches based on a range of questions pertaining to your personal sobriety and preferences, including why you’ve chosen sobriety, how comfortable you are around alcohol in social situations and with what frequency you attend fellowship meetings and connect with your sponsor. We do the leg work, so you can just stick to focusing on being your true, authentic self and can enjoy meeting other individuals enriched by a sober life.

Meet Our Sober Badges

Why sobriety? On Sober Dating you’ll find a community of people enriched by a life free of drugs and alcohol. But we are all committed to sobriety for different reasons. Pick your Sober Badges to quickly tell us, and your matches, a little more about the reason for your personal sobriety.

What Are People Saying About Sober Dating?

“Sober Dating has quickly become my favorite dating app because it removes that initial hurdle of vetting potential matches that also don’t drink.”
Timothy L.
“I choose Sober Dating for the connections I am able to make with potential partners that are also fulfilled by a life of clarity, and free from drugs and alcohol.”
Sara W.
“Sober Dating has provided a platform where I can finally meet others committed to a life of serenity and acceptance. I love Sober Dating”
Mae M.
“I love Sober Dating for its unique ability to bring together individuals based on their interests as well as their reasons for choosing a life of sobriety.”
Christian E.