5 Secret Hints He Is Into You

As everyone has figured out by now, men can be some of the worst communicators, especially when it comes to being romantic. Although he might be giving you strait forward answers, not all of his answers are directly correlated to how he is feeling. And we all know that you can’t just ask one question to your man and expect an outpour of emotion and thoughts. Men simply aren’t wired this way. The solution to this generational problem? We look for the secret hints. 

Men probably don’t know that they’re giving us access to these hints, so do your best and don’t let any of the guys see the rest of this post. They might put up even more walls. Which would.. yeah, let’s not let any men know we got access to this information. 

When He Calls You

Any guy can call you when he has a free minute, and if he’s doing that, it’s a good sign. What’s even better than calling you when he has a free minute? Calling you moments after you’ve seen him. Say you both go grab some coffee during your brunch date and you met at Starbucks. You two have a great time, and then the early date comes to an end. If he calls you on his way to wherever he is going, it means he can’t stop thinking about you. 

Odds are he wanted to call you the second he got back in the car, but didn’t have anything to say yet. Have you ever gotten a call 20 minutes after the date and he says something cheesy like “I just saw the funniest billboard…”? He couldn’t care less about the billboard, he just was searching for anything, literally anything, to call you about. He can’t get enough of you. 

Check His Place 

Everyone has had a potential lover over for a good movie and some popcorn. But not every Netflix and Chill is created equal. Its important to pay attention to what his place looks like when you go over there. Its one thing to have his clothes not all over the floor, but its another thing to go over and it looks a high-end maid came through. If it looks like he hired someone for $200/hr to clean his place, he’s more than into you. 

On the flip side, if you come over and it looks like a tornado came through and tore the place apart with no regard for human life, he wasn’t too worried about you coming over. (This definitely doesn’t apply if you’ve been dating for more than 3 months) Let’s say he invited you over to specifically “watch a movie” and the scene is set up for something completely different, he might be interested in your body more than he is interested you as a person, which can fine, but not what everyone is looking for. Make sure you both know what you want. It should be easy to tell what he wants when you wander into his place for the first time. 

He’s a Salesman 

Not actually. Well, sort of. His real occupation doesn’t matter too much, but what does is how he handles himself and how he tries to show himself off. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact, its exactly what you need. You don’t have to be impressed with absolutely everything he is doing, but if he is even giving an inch of effort to show you what type of awesome boyfriend he would be for you, he’s trying to win you over. He wants you, and at this point, probably a lot. 

He’ll buy you flowers, he remembers your go-to order from your favorite food spot, he puts your flavor of music on when you hop on in the car. All of these things are him trying to market himself to show you why he’s the best fit for you. Coming from a guy, this is big. It’s so easy for them to either forget or just not care. So when you find one that seems like he is trying to do all things in his power to show you how much he cares, take this as a sign and run with it. 

He Keeps Paying for You 

Its one thing to take someone out and pay for their meal one time, but its a completely different thing for them to consistently pay for someone. Most guys are very conscious about where their money is going, so if its going into feeding you, take that as a great sign. Food money adds up quick. But more than food, he will be offering to pay for a lot more. He might fill up your car with some gas, he might take you out to get some new clothes on his day off, and more simple stuff. 

He doesn’t need to be draining his bank account to show you how much he cares, but it does send a very direct message when he is willing to open his wallet for you. Not every guy is going to be swimming in money either, but it usually doesn’t break the bank to surprise his favorite person with a morning coffee when they meet up for their brunch date. 

Trust Your Gut 

This isn’t a sign that men give, but it is more than felt by every person out there. If the vibes feel off, then there might be a missing connection somewhere. If the energy is matched and you feel like he might be seriously interested in you, don’t take that lightly. If a guy wants you to feel loved and appreciated, it may be unconventional, but each guy knows how to show their own version of love. 

At the end of the day you still don’t feel confident about where he’s at, ask him! Most guys love someone that is willing to be direct and tell them what is exactly going on. Ask them where they stand, ask them if they see a potential relationship, and ask if he is enjoying the time spent with you. All of these are key. If you know of any more or want us to focus on a certain topic, let us know in the comments below!

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