Building an Online Profile – What to Know

Let’s talk about the profile. Creating the first impression is always happening, long after their initial like. From your photos to how to fill out your bio, creating a profile can be a tricky feat if you start unprepared. Our job is to get you confident and excited to build your online dating profile. If you’ve already created yours and you are looking for extra pointers, we will have those for you too. Whatever brought you to this page, we will make sure you all of the knowledge in the world to create the perfect bio!

We have help created hundreds, if not thousands of profiles over the years, and the pointers we are about to give away are going to take your profile to the next level, ultimately getting more dates! Let us know what worked for you in the comments!

The Steps to a Great Profile

There are multiple parts of a good profile. From pictures, the bio, lifestyle tags, there’s a lot to do. 

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Lifestyle View

Selfies are great, but if you are only posting a few photos to your profile, you shouldn’t have any more than your two favorites selfies. The other pictures need to be of you doing actives you are passionate about. For example, if you are a basketball enthusiast, out of your five pictures, two of them should be of you doing your hobby, however that looks to you. Make sure whoever is looking through your pictures have a rough idea of what you like to do without having to take a look into your bio. 

5-7 Rule

Five pictures at a minimum, and seven pictures at the maximum. This will keep you showing enough of yourself, and not overdoing it with a virtual photo dump to someone who’s never had a chance to meet you. To break this down even more, we can tell you what we suggest to do with your allotted picture space. Two of your pictures need to be selfies, or simply your favorite shots of yourself. Two of them need to be you in your element, doing your favorite activity. The last two need to be with you with your favorite people, activities, or whatever else you do. Make sure these last two pics aren’t just of your face, but you still get a good view. Get creative with it. Make sure your mix the photos up in order. Remember though, lead with your BEST picture!

Eye on The Prize

You didn’t create a dating profile so your friends could get dates. Remember that when uploading your favorite pictures. Try not to use pictures of yourself when you crop out other people. It’s distracting and looks like you’re limited on good pics. Even if you are, we shouldn’t be giving off that vibe on your first impressions. If you need to, get your bestie to head to your favorite park and get the camera rolling! You need to be the main person in each photo!


Less Words, More Meaning

Remember the episode of The Office when Kevin Malone says “use small word, save time”? Well, he might’ve been on to something, at least for online dating. When building your bio, you only have a certain amount of words and space. Using short phrases instead of full sentences is a great thing to do. For example, rather than saying ‘I’m a big dog lover and I love to bake in my free time! I also do ballet twice a week!’, try condensing with ‘Dog lover, baker, and ballet dancer’. It frees up more space and words to get more about you in the bio. 

If that doesn’t seem like you, there are other routes. It’s fairly easy to come up with a sentence that defines you without having to define yourself. For example, if you are a huge fan of the tv show Friends, you could say something like ‘My sister bought me the entire Friends series for my birthday, been on cloud 9 since.’ This portrays not only that you like Friends, but that you aren’t too obsessed with the bio, which can be attractive to some if you aren’t going crazy with the bio. This is something simple but goes a long way. 

Ask a Conversation Starter 

There’s nothing worse than getting a cute match and not sure how to start the conversation. Obviously you could check out some great pickup lines, but that isn’t always the place to use them if you’ve already matched. Ask an open-ended question with an easy answer. People want to show off that they are witty, so giving them a chance to do so is an easy way to get some fun flirting going. 

Avoid Cliches

There’s a saying that “There’s a reason that it’s cliche, because it works!” When it comes to online dating though, pretend you’ve never heard that phrase. On the opposite end of your love interests, and before you’ve matched, you’re just another person with a bio. If your bio and pics are no different than the last 8 people they weren’t interested in, what makes you think they’ll like you? You need to be yourself so much that you’ll stand out in their mind long after they leave the app. You’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re trying to attract people who will be interested in getting to know you more. There’s a big difference. 

Be Direct, Not Aggressive 

If you’re only looking for friendships on the app, say that. If you’re only there to go get ice cream one night, mention that too. Changing your bio each night you’re on the app is also a great idea. If it’s a Tuesday night and you’re simply looking for someone to come see a new movie with you, say that and you’ll get results. If you’re looking for a steady relationship regardless of the day of the week, leave the bio the same. Whatever you’re looking for inside your online dating app, make sure you’re vocal about it. 

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