How to Get More Likes on Your Online Dating Profile

With over 270 million people in this world with an online dating profile, there has never been a better time to jump into the online dating world and try to find your perfect match. The amount of people that are in search of companionship and affection is at an all time, especially on the heels of one of the most confining pandemics in the history of the modern world. 

With this many people all searching for the same thing, the apps get saturated and faces start to blend in. Each persons goal on dating apps is to get more likes, create a larger pool of potential lovers, and ultimately find their dreamy soulmate. To get to that final and elusive step, we need to focus on getting likes. 

1 Step Ahead

If you are having trouble getting likes, focus on the step ahead of getting likes. Just like anything else in this life, the result is always predicated on the work before. Before you jump into the app and start complaining to your friends about not getting likes, focus on getting your profile as perfect as you can get it. Make it as much about you as possible. This doesn’t mean overload it with selfies from the same car ride either. 

You need to be as original as you can be. Each person on the app is different, but many accounts all look the same. The most basic step you can follow to get more likes and matches is to beef up your profile in every way possible. Use strong sentences to describe yourself, your hobbies, and what brought you to the app. 

A great selfie is important on your profile, but your pictures need to be of you doing what you love most. We’ve touched on this before, and we know that the more you include who you really are, the more likely you are to impress the right people to like your account. 

Be Active

Whether it’s Sober Dating or another app, being active will keep the likes and matches flowing in. They all use the same algorithm to give the active users the most time on the screen of their preferred potential match. This means that the more you open the app and keep your finger swiping through the masses, you will eventually find your perfect match. Not only will this give you more people to swipe on, but it keeps you at the top of the queue at all times. 

This doesn’t mean you need to be obsessed with the app and have it open every day, but it does mean you need to keep your notifications on, check in on the app each time you hop into your social media apps, and actively message people. 

On top of you being featured more on the app when you have it open, you’ll have an idea of what success looks like on the app. The more people you see and that you match with, you’ll realize what it takes to find a solid match. Make sure you keep your profile the same if you are on a hot streak of matches!

Be Open Minded 

Its easy to dive into the field with your sights narrowed in on what could be your perfect person. Rather than be incredibly specific with your preferences, open them up and see what happens. This doesn’t mean you need to lower your expectations, it just means that you should be allowing yourself to be seeing everyone on the app. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, so give yourself the best chance to find that person. 

When you do match with someone that isn’t your typical type, give them an honest chance. We have heard countless stories of matches that didn’t seem like they were made in heaven until the couple just ended up giving themselves a chance for it to be one. Be honest with yourself and expect the same from your potential partner. 

Add Social Media 

Many apps give users the option to link social media accounts. Most of the time, this is an Instagram account. Instagram is a very useful app for showcasing your lifestyle, your hobbies, and most importantly, yourself. This is another great way to add more of your perfect pictures of yourself to the profile without overloading it with pictures. This will give you more on screen time than the competition, exactly what you want if you are looking for some more likes. 

This will also give you more flowers on your social media. If someone checks out your social media, gives you a follow, and you happen to never match with them on the app, you’ll have another chance to interact with them. Whether it’s through a DM or through commenting and liking the other persons posts, its always good to have more chances to talk to the people you could be interested in. 

One more plus of adding your social media is giving people the chance to like you down the road. Your initial first impression with someone may have not been suffice to make a match, but that doesn’t mean they never want to talk again. Let some time pass, and either try again or let them make the first move. As continue to showcase yourself and your life, odds are that they will be at least interested in giving you another shot. 


Obviously there is no one certain way to gain more likes. If there was a perfect pickup line or a certain profile setup, all of us would be happily married with 4 kids living in the country already. Since there’s not, we get to give you the our best tips and tell you what seems to work time and time again. If you find something that works better than anything above, let our community know in the comments below! As for us, we will continue to put together the best content together to help you have the most success possible on The Sober Dating app!

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